Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby James

I photographed this little guys older brother Grant when he was born in May last year.
I also photographed his funeral.
Well, as you can see Brad and Megan have now welcomed a new little one to the world.
This is James... Isn't he adorable?
I think he resembles his older brother a lot.
I am so happy for Brad and Megan.
James is truly a joy and Megan is such a great mother.
Enjoy the preview!! :)

Of course I photographed Winston.
I am a major dog lover!!  :)


Neysa said...

SO CUTE! What a darling family. :) I do remember that sweet family. I thought that dog was Saydee, but then I looked and noticed how much skinnier that dog is and thought...NO WAY that is Saydee bahahahaha. :D

Brenna LaPray said...

What a beautiful mother! Her dog looks like a skinny Sadie!!

Katie said...

Oh Shanna I remember this sweet family from a year ago. I was so touched by Grant and never even met him! I am so happy to see they have another beautiful boy joining their family. You did an amazing job as usual. I love your photography. I can't want to have my baby in December and have you do mine! I Love you.


jenn said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. Shanna, you are so sweet and so strong. What a wonderful gift you have to share with others, especially during both difficult and joyous times. :)