Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poor blog!!

I am going to be neglecting my blog for a while!
I have been posting some things on facebook!
Please feel free to come take a look!
and if you want, like my page!  :-)
I am trying to be a good mom and give my children
my undivided attention every free minute I have.
 I want to share my work with you all but with my crazy life schedule 
I have had to choose one or the other.
 I decided to post on facebook to simplify my life for now till my semester of college is over.
Life is busy, I am trying to balance being a wife, mom, my own homework and my kids homework.
On top of that I have dinner that needs to be made each night, laundry and maintain a clean home!
not to mention running my kids to their activities and make time for editing!
I am not going to lie, It's been hard finding time to edit.
My poor husband gets home and wants to watch a movie with me or even just watch the news.
I feel bad cause editing has sometimes conflicted with family time!
So it's really important to me that I make family time a priority
I have been reminded often that they are only little once!
I am so thankful for my new and returning clients I have had so far this year
and look forward to the busy month of September and October.
Just FYI
I am not doing any sessions except for newborns the months of November or December!
Thanks for understanding!  :)
I really enjoy my job as a photographer!!!

Below is a little bit about me!
I was going to share this a few months ago and never got around to it!
So here it is! 
Enjoy!! :)

I am a mother of 5 children.
I am a wife to a Pilot.
I am a cosmetologist.
I am obsessed with politics!
I have a passion for photography.
I love diet coke with vanilla and easy ice!! (sonic drive thru once daily) :)
I love chicken Cesar salads.
favorite time of year if fall!
I love to wear sweat pants and sweat shirts!
I live in my ugg boots!
Favorite flowers are lilies.
I love a clean home. (nickname in my home is The Cleaning Nazi )
I love the smell of clean laundry.
I love having things organized.
 (Every drawer is perfectly folded and closet is color coordinated!)
I am a Mormon.
I love Zumba
I love running with my husband on Saturday mornings.
I love romantic comedies. (notebook is my favorite movie of all time)!
Favorite singer as of now...Brandon Flowers! 
I lose my wedding ring at least twice a week.
I love the office, parenthood, Greys anatomy & persons of interest.
 I will never pay interest on a credit card, (made that mistake once and never have done it since)
I buy more clothing for my kids than I do for myself.
I could waste hours just walking up and down the isles at target! LOVE that store! 
I enjoy cooking and watching the cooking channel!
I talk to my sister Brenna on the phone every day for at least 2 hours.
I have lots of energy...(nickname growing up was the energizer battery)
I never use a towel more then once.
I wash my sheets every 4 days.
I love MAC cosmetics
I have been doing photography for 6 years which all started after the loss of my son.
I have a dog that is a cock a poo and she is 11 years old and I don't know what I will do when she dies! :(
I love Nordstrom!! 
Favorite restaurant is The Blue Lemon!
 I actually can sing/ only few people in my life have heard me! I just don't sing publicly :)
I can impersonate Britney spears,Ashlee Simpson,Cher,Christina,just to name a few.
 I love to golf.
My favorite perfume is Lacoste pink
I laugh at everything! seriously, half the time things aren't even funny!
 My favorite game is "what if"
 I have a fear of skin cancer. Those of you who knew me in high school would think I am lying.
 I love to vacuum my floor just so I can see the lines!
I wipe down my groceries and entire cart with Clorox wipes before I buy them or shop.
(I know, I need to be hospitalized for that)
 I get excited when my People Magazine comes in the mail.
I check my email every morning!
 I NEVER take the garbage out. I always have Cory do it.
I am going to back to school to finish my nursing degree.
I would love if I could be a nurse practitioner one day or even a PA
 I wash my hands all the time. I am a germ-o-phoebe. My hands are so dry they bleed.
I have a fear of throwing up. I can deal with other people, just not myself, I cry like a baby. (seriously)
 I love to be pampered what girl doesn't? My husband does a pretty good job. 
 I love meeting new people.
I love spending time with my kids and husband.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was told from this kid as I was getting 
ready to take his pictures that I only had two minutes!
So,here is all I got! 
Good thing he is cute! 
I sure love him!! :)


She is growing up way to fast!
The other day she tells me she wants makeup! 
are you kidding me?!  
I told her, and I quote!!
 "you are beautiful without it. you can wear it when you are 14!!"
I have to be honest,
with Kesley getting older we are able to do so many FUN things together!
Oh did I mention shop?!  :)
She is seriously my best friend!
She is totally honest with me, sometimes too honest! lol
I am so grateful I have her in my life!
Having a daughter is the best!!  :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


jackson17.jpg Jackson.jpg

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sneak peek for Jessica!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Pilch Preview!

This little guy is 2!
He did not want his pics taken,
but then again, what two year old does?
I am always up for a challenge! 
He is adorable :)
I think we got some cute ones Jenn!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tennis Family

This family is darling!
Love these so much! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Abbott Family

Loving this wheat field I discovered tonight!
So beautiful!
Here are just a couple of pictures I edited :)
I love the way these turned out so far.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nick & Kyla!

Is this not the cutest?!
I am pretty much dying right now!!  :)
The couple was perfect not to mention the clothing attire, lighting & location
 Everything about this shoot screamed perfection!
I can't wait to post them all!