Sunday, January 27, 2013

GIRLS' PREFERENCE (Orem high school)

Such a good group of kids! 
I had such a good time shooting these! 
 photo Groupdance2_zps335bede9.jpg
 photo groupdance3_zpsc6519a04.jpg
 photo Groupdance1_zpsc845e1d4.jpg

Piper's Posies

I was asked to shoot some pictures for the amazing
Of course I used my children for this shoot cause these headbands
along with the cute rompers and leggings are just too darn cute! 
Here is a sneak peek
 photo Perripiper3_zps8794cfd8.jpg
  photo Perripiper1_zps902f3bb8.jpg
  photo Reesepip1_zps07e8b4d0.jpg

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 Years.

December 29th, 2012 
Was Logan's 6 year Anniversary!
I can't believe it has been six years :(
I miss my baby boy!
All 4 kiddos wrote messages to him in balloons 
and let them go!
I couldn't help but be a little teary eyed.
I wish he was here.
 photo LLogan6yearscopy_zps14c1108d.jpg

you can read more of Logan's story HERE
 photo web1copy_zps3650fff9.jpg

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cute little Norah Sneak peek

More to come of this little busy 18 month old!

 photo Norah1_zps03844ada.jpg

Laundromat shoot!

Oh how I love these!!  :)
this couple is so cute!
Is this girl not so gorgeous?!
She is 5 11''
I heart these so much!! 
 photo a3_zps75ef1f7e.jpg
 photo a2_zpsad623537.jpg
 photo a4_zps40514b91.jpg
 photo a5_zps40492d43.jpg
 photo a6_zpsfa669472.jpg
 photo a8_zps54c7b655.jpg
 photo a7_zps9ded1c39.jpg
 photo a9_zps4658911d.jpg

At Home With Newborn Cooper & Sisters

 photo BTM6_zpsb56ccd0f.jpg
 photo BTM8_zpsf84bebe1.jpg
 photo BTM7_zpsc9a8493c.jpg
 photo BTM3_zps8ce1e8f1.jpg photo BTM2_zps46df861e.jpg
 photo BTM4_zpscf423bd3.jpg
 photo BTM5_zps3c6c8247.jpg
 photo BTM1_zps476a4d41.jpg


Hospital pics of one day old baby Cooper!
  photo Mckinney6_zps845cf6ac.jpg
 photo Mckinney1_zps0cc23432.jpg
 photo Mckinney2_zpsf9ae056c.jpg
 photo Mckinney4_zpsd6f869a0.jpg
 photo Mckinney5_zps6545bbf6.jpg
 photo Mckinney3_zps066a4a5b.jpg

Anderson Family Sneak peek

 photo JessicaA1_zps2cb3b49a.jpg

A birth story

 photo Ringer1_zps42a885ec.jpg
 photo Ringer2_zps2aa31880.jpg
 photo Ringer3_zps7efd50cd.jpg

 photo Ringer4_zps886a3009.jpg
 photo Ringer5_zps845c8263.jpg
 photo Ringer6_zpsb4a4cb3b.jpg
 photo Ringer7_zps34f86ae1.jpg
 photo Ringer8_zpsc929c1d8.jpg
 photo Ringer9_zps9db129fe.jpg
 photo Ringer10_zps9f4e0319.jpg
 photo Ringer11_zps7b949544.jpg
 photo Ringer12_zpsd140054d.jpg
 photo Ringer13_zps7c99ea74.jpg
 photo Ringer14_zps0fc78fbf.jpg
 photo Ringer15_zps88e5b478.jpg
  photo Ringer16_zps92b0c235.jpg
 photo Ringer17_zpsf137ccc6.jpg
 photo Ringer18_zps0a62ded4.jpg
 photo Ringer19_zps8a478934.jpg
 photo Ringer20_zps84d9aab2.jpg
 photo Ringer21_zps71d454db.jpg
 photo Ringer23_zps321264a5.jpg
 photo Ringer25_zps60fd9b3c.jpg
 photo tammi1_zps2586092c.jpg
 photo tammie2_zpse4d9b157.jpg
  photo tammi3copy_zps9187d0b1.jpg