Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golfing with the woods family!

This little guy is two and I am not kidding.. He knows how to golf.
I spent an evening with him , his mom & dad for a fun family session.
I love the idea for family pictures to do something you love so much!
 Is this not the cutest?? I literally watched this little stud play and he is good..  :)
I got a bunch of great shots from this session!!
These puts a smile on my face..
 photo woods7_zps83c9292a.jpg
 photo Woods1_zps4b4363b8.jpg
 photo woods6_zpsaf7c1338.jpg
 photo woods2_zps8ab38203.jpg
 photo woods8_zps98bf91e9.jpg
 photo woods3_zpsd5ff2fed.jpg photo woods9_zps2453566a.jpg
 photo woods4_zpsadf2ad7a.jpg
  photo woods5_zpsfff9a11c.jpg

Axel & Mary... Bridal & Groomal

These two tied the knot the 31st of May.. I
I have some fun images from that day that I will share soon! 
For now, Here are their gorgeous Bridal and Groomal session! 
 photo MARY2_zps4fcdafde.jpg
 photo MAry8_zps384c8c7c.jpg
 photo MAry7_zps5dfe5f60.jpg
 photo MAry11_zps1500a7e4.jpg
 photo MARY3_zps5add9602.jpg
 photo MARY4_zps58e1f8ed.jpg
 photo MAry6_zps88de0c46.jpg photo MAry5_zpse8f4e702.jpg
 photo MAry9_zps2e3f58e2.jpg
 photo MAry10_zps475638ef.jpg

Saturday, June 8, 2013

At home with baby Kate

I love newborn home shoots. 
They are so personal and I love a newborn baby in their own environment :) 
 There are so many good ones,These make me smile!!  :)
 photo Kate1_zps6c3b859a.jpg
 photo Kate6_zps77262f7c.jpg
 photo Kate2_zpscf34ed9a.jpg
 photo Kate9_zps9f32201b.jpg
 photo Kate10_zps270e5139.jpg
 photo Kate8_zps33a64ae5.jpg
 photo Kate12_zps37574bda.jpg
 photo Kate5_zps47bd0e8a.jpg
 photo Kate11_zpsacb67951.jpg
 photo Kate7_zps4a9a02e3.jpg
 photo Kate4_zpsf6fc3d75.jpg
 photo Kate13_zps1a6a6901.jpg

Perri is two!

My baby is two today! I can't believe how fast those two years have gone by! 
She is full of personality and is quite the spoiled one.. 
We are so happy she is apart of our family, life would be boring without her.. 
Happy Birthday miss Perri Brielle!! 
 photo Perripie_zps006abcef.jpg

Ellie is 8... Sneak peek

 photo Ellie_zps76aea429.jpg

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ray Family...

  photo Tonya7_zps9a38c0b0.jpg
 photo tonya4_zpsfb6d2e5f.jpg 
 photo tonya3_zpsb8b87487.jpg
 photo tonya2_zpsd16180c6.jpg
 photo tonya1_zps68181551.jpg

 photo tonya5_zps4230559d.jpg