Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013


This is one of my besties and her beautiful family!
She is gorgeous inside and out.
Love your guts Kerri!! :)
 photo Deshler1_zpsbe49bf01.jpg
 photo Deshler2_zps174980b6.jpg
 photo Deshler9_zps4bf3a10d.jpg
 photo Deshler7_zpsc32e8aee.jpg
 photo Deshler10_zps2164fac6.jpg
 photo Deshler4_zps925b6566.jpg
 photo Deshler6_zps26435a0a.jpg
 photo Deshler3_zps77438c72.jpg
 photo Deshler11_zps9dfc6385.jpg
 photo Deshler12_zpse1560cd7.jpg
 photo Deshler5_zps504f6894.jpg
 photo Deshler8_zps4f9398ed.jpg

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hartle Family

I love these guys! 
Seriously, they are the cutest family!! 
 photo Hartle_zps1f4350f5.jpg
 photo Hartle2_zps2109d202.jpg  photo Hartle7_zps8209fedc.jpg
 photo Hartle5_zps07d94b40.jpg
 photo Hartle8_zps9b0dc63b.jpg
 photo Hartle6_zps7331170f.jpg
 photo Hartle3_zps30d05fa3.jpg
 photo Hartle4_zps41fd4a48.jpg

Friday, July 19, 2013


Holy Gorgeousness!  
 photo Jacklyn1_zps82631d0e.jpg

Easton Turns 8 Sneak peek!

More coming soon of this handsome guy! 
 photo Easton1_zps0468b664.jpg

Stanger Family

 photo Stanger7_zps3023bd5e.jpg
 photo Stanger8_zpsefd01b7d.jpg
 \ photo Stanger6_zps302e2524.jpg
 photo Stanger5_zps18c01ac0.jpg
 photo Stanger1_zps01286e98.jpg
 photo Stanger4_zps05e182b4.jpg
 photo Stanger2_zpsd8e80b73.jpg
  photo Stanger3_zps918746fa.jpg

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I can't believe that next week this little lady is turning 3.  
It seems Like I just did her newborn pictures.. 
Isn't she so beautiful!  :)
 photo Addison_zpsd9453701.jpg

Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls Will Be Girls...

Kes & Cam
I love these two!  
 photo KESampCAM_zps3d5ba064.jpg
 photo KESampCAM2_zps26c7efa1.jpg

Milota sneak peek!

How cute are they??! 
 photo Milota1_zps1c563fd8.jpg
 photo Milota2_zps8be46366.jpg

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I don't get much done these days with this little ray of sunshine! 
She is so much fun! 
 photo Perrilaumdry_zps2983e063.jpg

Piper posies headbands..

As many of you have seen throughout my blog, 
I have been shooting pictures
for Piper's Posies
She has beautiful headbands, Rompers and leggings
Check out her Etsy page for pricing HERE

Here are some pictures of my girls modeling them! 
More are on my past blog posts too!! 
  photo Perri_zps70a19995.jpg
  photo PERRI1_zps3aaccbf8.jpg
 photo Perripipers_zps99f51bdf.jpg
 photo Perripipers1copy_zps296ab0e5.jpg
 photo Perripipers11_zpsa0b4eac6.jpg
 photo Perripipersblog_zpse3ac5a64.jpg
 photo Reesepipersposiesheadbands1_zpsd33fc23d.jpg
 photo Reesepiper3_zps45c0af1a.jpg