Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Session anyone??

Got your attention didn't I?! 
Well Folks I am due to have my baby in 4 weeks! I am so excited to meet this little girl who has been growing inside me for the past 8 months! So while waiting for her arrival, I decided to offer a free session to anyone who can guess the weight and length of my baby! I did this 2 years ago with my 4th child Reese
You will get 20 images on a disc and 45 minute shoot with me.
Driving fee may apply!
Any session applies whether it may be family, (up to 5 people) children, newborn, maternity, engagement etc.. 
Sorry guys, no weddings!!!
Anyway...This free session will only be valid in Spring of 2012 (February - May) 
It will be a lot of fun! So the first person who guesses it right wins! So good luck and spread the word!

In the mean time enjoy these pictures of some adorable newborn twins!!
Cheers!!  :)

As of Late!!

Phew... Finally updated my blog!
Getting ready to have my baby any day now!!  :)
Check out these adorable sessions.

Whitmill Family!

Hannah Turns 8

Cass & Cole are 3
.Cutest twins.

spring mini shoots

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbie & Tucker

This is my favorite picture of these two cuties!
Here is another of cute little Abbie during her own little session with me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Whitney

I loved this session!!