Monday, July 22, 2013


This is one of my besties and her beautiful family!
She is gorgeous inside and out.
Love your guts Kerri!! :)
 photo Deshler1_zpsbe49bf01.jpg
 photo Deshler2_zps174980b6.jpg
 photo Deshler9_zps4bf3a10d.jpg
 photo Deshler7_zpsc32e8aee.jpg
 photo Deshler10_zps2164fac6.jpg
 photo Deshler4_zps925b6566.jpg
 photo Deshler6_zps26435a0a.jpg
 photo Deshler3_zps77438c72.jpg
 photo Deshler11_zps9dfc6385.jpg
 photo Deshler12_zpse1560cd7.jpg
 photo Deshler5_zps504f6894.jpg
 photo Deshler8_zps4f9398ed.jpg

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