Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golfing with the woods family!

This little guy is two and I am not kidding.. He knows how to golf.
I spent an evening with him , his mom & dad for a fun family session.
I love the idea for family pictures to do something you love so much!
 Is this not the cutest?? I literally watched this little stud play and he is good..  :)
I got a bunch of great shots from this session!!
These puts a smile on my face..
 photo woods7_zps83c9292a.jpg
 photo Woods1_zps4b4363b8.jpg
 photo woods6_zpsaf7c1338.jpg
 photo woods2_zps8ab38203.jpg
 photo woods8_zps98bf91e9.jpg
 photo woods3_zpsd5ff2fed.jpg photo woods9_zps2453566a.jpg
 photo woods4_zpsadf2ad7a.jpg
  photo woods5_zpsfff9a11c.jpg

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