Saturday, June 8, 2013

At home with baby Kate

I love newborn home shoots. 
They are so personal and I love a newborn baby in their own environment :) 
 There are so many good ones,These make me smile!!  :)
 photo Kate1_zps6c3b859a.jpg
 photo Kate6_zps77262f7c.jpg
 photo Kate2_zpscf34ed9a.jpg
 photo Kate9_zps9f32201b.jpg
 photo Kate10_zps270e5139.jpg
 photo Kate8_zps33a64ae5.jpg
 photo Kate12_zps37574bda.jpg
 photo Kate5_zps47bd0e8a.jpg
 photo Kate11_zpsacb67951.jpg
 photo Kate7_zps4a9a02e3.jpg
 photo Kate4_zpsf6fc3d75.jpg
 photo Kate13_zps1a6a6901.jpg

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