Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Perri!

 My good friend Skye Johansen took Perri's one year pictures.
I have known Skye for about 6 years now!
She has photographed all my children and when Logan
was born she did his newborn pictures.
& when he passed away
she sent me a necklace with his pictures on it!
That meant so much to me, and I still wear the necklace to this day!
Not only is Skye an AMAZING photographer, but she is so kind
& beautiful, inside and out!
I am lucky I have her as a friend! :)
Here are a few of Perri's pictures. I am so excited to share these!
 I will post the rest as soon as I get them back!
I just love these so much!
Thanks again Skye! :)


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Ashlie said...

So cute! You went all out with that "1" and it is adorable. Love her facial expressions.