Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just a heads up!

 I am planning on going back to school this fall to finish up my nursing degree!
I will only be doing a limited amount of clients per month.
If you are interested in scheduling with me please email


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll still be available to do my birth photos in September!

Maren said...

Yay!!! You will be awesome!

Shanna said...

Suzanne, of course I will be available. I remember you asking me to do them months ago and I have that on my calendar. I am excited..and looking forward to it.

Shanna said...

Awe, thanks Maren.. You are one who inspired me. It may take me a little longer than most, but I will get it. It's so worth it. You are so cute. Thanks for always making me feel good and being so kind.