Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abbie & James

 This one is my favorite :)
 photo Abbie1_zpseb722756.jpg
 photo Abbie2_zps30c515bb.jpg
 photo Abbie5_zpsd7baeb3b.jpg
 photo Abbie6_zps4970dcb4.jpg  photo Abbie4_zpsb5ead346.jpg  photo Abbie3_zps3bba9362.jpg
 photo Abbie10_zps156b60af.jpg
 photo Abbie9_zps91720d07.jpg  photo Abbie8_zps348d0e2a.jpg  photo Abbie7_zps0bd799c9.jpg

1 comment:

Megs, Brad, and Abbie said...

Shanna! You are incredible!! There is a reason we keep coming back to you, your photos are amazing and truly capture the personalities of my kids. Love you and love your work. Thanks!!!!