Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kes and Perri!

I just love how my sweet Kesley
interacts with her little sissy!
There is just something about a BIG sister that I love,
maybe it's because I had 4 amazing big sisters! :)
I don't know!!
I just know that Reese and Perri are going to look up to Kesley so much
as they keep getting older!
Anyway, Kesley is the best helper, best fashion adviser,
best big sister and best friend I have around!
I am so lucky that I have her in my life!
She is such a fun & spunky girl.
Who also tells me on a daily basis that I am the most beautiful mommy she's ever had! ;) lol
( Sigh, she melts my heart)
I had to share this pic cause's pretty darn cute! :)
I am one LUCKY mommy!
 photo Kesandper_zpsfbd5396d.jpg

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