Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My little RaMbUnCtIoUs 2 yr. old!

Don't let this innocent face fool you!!   Reese1.jpg
She is a lot of fun! but can be quite a little pill!
I just made my bed and within seconds she throws my pillows on the ground
and begins to jump around like a monkey!
What did I do? 
 Grabbed my camera of course!
Little stinker!
Where's Reese?!!   There she is.  :)
Nothing cuter to me than when I see this little one giggle! ;)


Caldwell Family 6 said...

WOW. She is looking like her brother! She is beautiful. Your work is SO good. The last few posts all look awesome! LoReLi

Lisa said...

she is so adorable! You'll love these pics always, glad you grabbed your camera!

Lisa said...

she is sooo adorable! Glad you grabbed your camera, you will love these pics always!