Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sweet baby Danielle.

 Look at this adorable baby girl!
I can tell her brother and sisters adore her.
I seriously love newborns.
I would have another one if it would stay a newborn forever
if I didn't already have 4 other kiddos to take care of :)


Sara@iSass said...

Adorable! Makes my womb hurt or another :0)

Jessica said...

Beautiful work! Beautiful! Your images are so crisp. You should do workshops. Ever thought about it? I could learn something from you I'm sure.

Shanna said...

Thanks Jessica, I actually might do one with another amazing photog friend this summer. She uses Nikon and we thought we could team up and do a Canon/Nikon workshop. I will let you know for sure if we decide to do it! thanks so much for the compliment, last time I checked you already are an amazing photographer yourself! So hearing that from you was a wonderful compliment!! Thanks again!!