Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why I have been MIA lately???

 Well, folks... I am expecting baby # 5 June 30th.
 I am finally starting to feel pretty good!
I have already begun the nesting stage of pregnancy, therefore... my home is near to spotless and yes,
I think I do tend to drive my husband crazy, I mean..." don't walk on the carpet I just vacuumed" or
"don't get crumbs on the counter, I just cleaned it"
These are commonly used words at my house as of late. LOL
So what does this adorable baby below have to do with any of this you ask???
Well, It's my sweet baby girl Reese when she was a newborn.
I am getting excited to have another baby, even though
This baby and Reese will only be less than 2 years apart... (BUSY, BUSY)
It's been fun looking through her old pictures and wonder what this next baby will look like.
Yes...We are having another girl!!
We are so excited for what the 2011 brings..
life is pretty good for the LeRoy's right now  :)

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