Friday, September 10, 2010

Rhett's first dentist appointment!!

I copied this from my family blog to share!
Rhett you were such a big boy...
You were so excited to go to the dentist.  you waited patiently in the waiting area looking at books!
oh and of course your mom whipped out her camera to document just how good you were!!!
The dental assistant told you how cute you were and you got embarrassed!! 
You did exactly what they told you to do and held still for your x-rays
you hopped in your chair put on your head phones 
and watched Monsters inc..while they worked away on your teeth!

you gave me a huge smile as the dentist proudly said...
"Rhett has perfect cavities!!"
you picked out a new toothbrush and we got in the car and headed for what??
The Candy store... 
mom chose not to document that part!!  ;)


Heatha said...

so stinkin cute..!

renee' said...

Is it possible to make a trip to the dentist look really cool. I bet a trip to the candy store would be awesome. You should trade these images to your dentist for some services.

Oh yeah, and WE LOVE LOVE LOVE all our family pics. Don't know how you do it, but you make magic happen.

PS. Just keep me a little spot in October or whenever you can for our family session. I can't even think about clothes options right now.