Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perri's hospital story!

Little Perri got so sick!
She was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and signs and symptoms of progressive pneumonia. :(
Poor thing had to stay in the hospital overnight and be given breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics.
As soon as her meds kicked in, she was as happy as can be!
I am so glad this was temporary, as it hit so close to home to watch her being held
down so they could put an IV in her hand and oxygen tube in her nose :(
(sigh) I am just grateful she is home now and getting better.
Here are a few shots of her stay that I took.


Brenna LaPray said...

As sad as it that she was sick, you will love these pictures. I wish I had pics of Cole when he was hospitalized. It helps you remember how precious life is and how much you love your children.

Megan said...

Shanna! You are so awesome!! I love these. You are such a great mom & photographer!! -Megan

Megan said...

Oh and I'm glad she's feeling better!!

Lyndsee Gray Hargett said...

awww, i love little Perri! these brought both tears and smiles (towards the end of the pics where she is happy.) you are such a great mother! how sweet is the picture of you holding her. You are beyond gorgeous shanna, even in your pajamas you look like a super model. i love you!!

Heather said...

She's beautiful. Even when she's miserable! Shanna, your pics are so perfect! Every detail is caught. Love it.

Heatha said...

She is the cutest little patient ever..! Beautiful capture Shanna.!

Rosander said...

OMG! Sweet baby! I'm so sorry! I can only imagine what you were thinking. I'm so glad that she is doing better and home. These photos are amazing. They make you feel the story. That's what I love most about photography. I think that is what makes a really great photographer, when others can feel the emotion and know the story. Amazing! I totally got your email. I really am going to call you. I hope that's ok. I really can't wait for you to take our pictures! What sweet 1 year photos of Perri. I'm doing Nora's soon and will need some advice. Thanks for everything! xoxo